Breathing new life into heritage art

Vaishnavi Kumari of the Kishangarh royal family is an ardent advocate of her region’s artistic legacy, better recognised as the Kishangarh miniature paintings. At studio Kishangarh, she joins her family in their attempts to keep this tradition alive and brings to this heritage art her own youthful quirkiness. Creating a sustainable artists’ community with the local Kishangarh painters working at the studio, she loves lending a contemporary twist to age old techniques, be it with mediums such mixed media and acrylic, or just by playing with the size and shape of it. Today, popular motifs associated with the Kishangarh school of art are being re-imagined – whether it is the dhenu on craft boxes and wall art, or the bani thani in her new avatar. Meet the princess here, whose creativity is keeping up the priceless traditions through a popular revival.