• Luxury could be just a gadda and a cushion: Vikram Goyal

    Luxury could be just a gadda and a cushion: Vikram Goyal

    Founder of product and interior design firm Viya Home reveals that international décor trends have moved towards a celebration of colour and a celebration of the old and new mixed together, bringing in variety and vibrancy—a trend he’d like to see more of in India

    Vikram Goyal’s Viya Home was born out of a desire to develop an international language celebrating Indianness. The product and interior designer whose luxe projects spread all the way from Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai to New York—including bespoke pieces for Christian Louboutin’s Mens stores in London and New York— emphasises that there is no singular modern Indian sensibility when it comes to design, for it is constantly evolving. International transformation in design is slowly percolating to India, where interesting styles come together in a celebration of colours, an amalgamation of the old and new, rather than everyone’s work being all grey and indistinguishable. Interestingly, though, his idea of luxury is far removed from the world of designer brands and price tags, for he believes that luxury lies in the mind—in being comfortable with your own space. Catch a glimpse of his work and his world in this exclusive conversation with The Luxe Cafe.

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