• King of the Outlaws

    King of the Outlaws

    Rod Emory, founder of Emory Motorsports, speaks of his passion for building customised vintage Porsches not meant to be just collectibles but race cars driven with panache

    Outlaw. That’s what you call a Porsche 356 that has experienced Rod Emory’s Midas touch — roaring with raw power and dazzling with vintage elegance, restored with love for the ardent aficionado. And then there’s the Special, elevating the very idea of bespoke with subtle modifications in its skin, creating a distinctive car that’s the only one of its kind — forever. Emory works his magic upon the cars from his workshop in North Hollywood, California. In this exclusive one-on-one with The Luxe Café, he speaks of building and racing vintage Porsches since his teens, having inherited a rich legacy of car-customisation from his father and grandfather. The Porsche marque, he says, has been ‘imprinted on his DNA’ because he was brought home in a 911 from the hospital where he was born. Get up close and personal with the King of The Outlaws, right here

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