Keep it simple, says the Maharaja of Jodhpur

Maharaja Gaj Singh of Jodhpur is the epitome of living life king-size. Known for his sophisticated style and royal charm, he is a taste-maker of the first order who believes in keeping things simple. Not one to follow, he leads with example when he emphasizes on comfort being an intrinsic part of any luxury that comes to you, and sets himself apart with his perfectly tailored, relaxed traditional attires.

An avid world-traveller, he loves going back to nature and game parks are one of his favourites.

Closer home, he has Umaid Bhawan named one of the best palace hotels in the world, while the Mehrangarh Fort has turned into an internationally acclaimed museum under his close supervision. His flair for restoring ancient palaces and conserving history is apparent in his first choice of hotels—the heritage properties. Another reason for this choice is the old-world style service offered in these. And warm hospitality is the key here, as he is also known for being a very generous host himself, besides being an icon of royal tastes and pursuits. Here is an exclusive peek into the Maharaja’s thoughts, insights and more about luxury and living.