Spice Route at the Imperial rolls out a new menu after decades

Spice Route at the Imperial rolls out a new menu after decades
The Spice Route - Asian Restaurant

The culinary icon ‘ Spice Route’ at Imperial, Delhi unveils an all-new menu celebrating Asian diversity.  Transcending continents and epochs, it now evolves from South of India and Thai favourites to Ethnic Asian, focusing on Malaysian, Indonesian and Vietnamese flavours.  Following the ancient trade route from East Asia through Java to India it allows to immerse one in a modern yet epicurean dining experience.

Micro farmed baby spinach

A creative curation of art, design, and culture, each dish, offers a choice of Vegetarian, Vegan, and Non-vegetarian delights. From Hand-folded Thai Spring Rolls, Flaky Duck Handbags and Crispy Jackfruit with a Velvety Vegetable Curry to Gindara Miso Cod and much more, the culinary artisans have crafted exclusive recipes that captivate the senses. 

Thai Mango Salad
Head Chef, Mustian Gadang at Spice Route, Imperial

Head Chef, Mustian Gadang weaves a story of rich culinary heritage with authentic and specially sourced ingredients (locally sourced as much possible) drawing inspiration from recipes and cuisines along the ancient spice route, incorporating the uniqueness and cooking techniques of ethnic Asian cuisine. The menu blends traditional with contemporary aspects for a sensorial flair.