Don Julio shares some of the best Tequila cocktail recipes

Manisha Rao
Don Julio shares some of the best Tequila cocktail recipes

Just as the gin revolution reshaped the cocktail scene globally, we are currently witnessing a tequila revolution. The spirit offers a versatile base for creating innovative and flavorful cocktails.

The Luxe Café brings you some of the best tequila cocktail recipes by mixologist, Anurag Dhingra from Don Julio.

With over a decade of experience in the art of mixology, Anurag has honed his skills in blending flavours, crafting unique concoctions, and delivering an unforgettable drinking experience.  He shares some of the easy tequila recipes which he recently showcased at the Mexican festival, Cinco de Mayo. 

Don Picante



Don Julio Blanco:  50 ml

Lime Juice:  30 ml

Jalapeno peppers: 3 pcs

Coriander Leaves:  2 pcs

Agave syrup: 15 ml

Method Shaken

Glassware Rocks

Garnish Dehydrated Kafir lime, salt rim and Jalapeno

Ice Block ice


Don Margarita



Don Julio Blanco:  50 ml

Lime juice: 30 ml

Agave syrup: 20 ml

Saline solution: 3 dashes

Method  Slushy machine

Glassware Rocks

Garnish  Salt rim and lime wheel

Ice crushed ice


Don Reposado


Don Julio Reposado:  50 ML

Ice: 1

Method Stir/buildup

Glassware Rocks

Garnish Grapefruit slice

Ice Clear ice


Don Paloma



Don Julio Blanco:  50 ml

Grapefruit syrup:  15 ml

Lime Juice:  10 ml

Soda:  150 ml

Method  Stir/buildup

Glassware Highball

Garnish Grape fruit slices

Ice  Cubes