Five things to know about Delhi’s most-talked-about restaurant INJA

By Nivi Shrivastava
Five things to know about Delhi’s most-talked-about restaurant INJA
There’s definitely more to INJA than meets the eye.

Before you make a beeline for Delhi’s latest toast of the town – the INJA Restaurant – be prepared for an unexpected and immersive food experience. Perhaps, the unique blend of Indian and Japanese flavours presented on an Instagrammable platter is one the key reasons that garners instant fame to the newly opened venture by Dubai-based Atelier House Hospitality, but there’s definitely more to INJA than meets the eye.

Culinary delights: Taking the IN from India and JA from Japan, INJA is an unlikely marriage of the two standout cuisines re-imagined by Chef Adwait Anantwar. To create something extraordinary, the chef fused the essence of Indian cuisine with Japanese ingredients and cooking techniques to create some bold, piquant, and exceptional dishes with flavor profiles that are hard to forget.

Alaskan King Crab Raj Kachori
Alaskan King Crab Raj Kachori

There are some very quirky creations on the menu like the Suzuki okinamasu with 7 days fermented mango achaar, Shiso leaf tuna and pomelo chaat, udon noodles with khashi curry, gobhi 65 Maki rolls, and Shorse maach donabe pot. Whereas, the signature dish Lobster Rassam Chawanmushi (a smooth egg custard served with buttery spicy lobster in drumstick rasam masala) and King Crab Raj Kachori (Alaskan king crab, avocado, and greens topped with mango chutney in a crispy kachori priced) are noteworthy innovations.

Delish drinks: A good meal is incomplete without great drinks, and the cocktail menu here doesn’t disappoint. The signature cocktails by mixologist Kumar Mangalam are inspired by Japanese flavours.

Boshi Smash inspired by Japnese flavours.
Boshi Smash inspired by Japnese flavours.

The Inja Secret Tea, Lychee Gondhoraaj Martini, Ume Highball, and Kaanji are some interesting drinks that go very well with the eclectic food.

Décor: One of the most striking things about the place is the mélange of two culturally varied themes represented in blends of blue, green, and gold. Designed by acclaimed international designer, Samar Zakhem, the influences are primarily from the Japanese minimalist aesthetics using natural elements like stone and wood furniture with shibori-style textile artwork on the wall. The brass cutlery sets, dimly lit mini lamps on the table, and subtle gold hints in the interior add a sense of grandiosity.

Location:  So here’s the thing about the capital – the more exclusive, the better it is. This brings us to the location and capacity of the restaurant – currently, the restaurant has a 72 cover (both indoor and outdoor) at The Manor hotel, where Indian Accent once was located before moving to the Lodhi.

Ambiance and hospitality: In the ever-changing food business, to be bourgeoisie with pricing, location, and exclusivity is not enough to succeed. A lot of effort can go waste if hospitality and warmth are not added in the correct measure. At INJA, the trained staff ensures to welcome you with a big smile and makes the experience seamless by patiently explaining every dish that comes to the table. A bonus is groovy music that plays in the backdrop making it a perfect dining experience.

If you are all set to go on this luxurious gastronomical quest, don’t forget to make a reservation as this restaurant only gets alive once the sun goes down.


Address: The Manor Hotel, 77, Mathura Rd, Friends Colony West, New Delhi

Operational Hours:
7:00 PM to 11:00 PM – Dinner
7:00 PM to 1:00 AM – Bar
Closed on Tuesdays
For reservations, call +91 8130805333