Luxury glamping at the all new Aalia Jungle Retreat & Spa by Claridges

Manisha Rao
Luxury glamping at the all new Aalia Jungle Retreat & Spa by Claridges
Aalia Jungle retreat & Spa.

Glamping on your mind? Here’s a no brainer. 

Imagine staying in hand- stitched opulent tents inspired by the adventurous charms of the old world safari camps in India. If this is what thrills you, you must plan a glamping trip to the Aalia Jungle retreat & Spa. One of the jungle retreats that just opened up, right in time for the season. 

A four-hour drive from Delhi’s hustle-bustle, this opulent tented sanctuary makes a perfect weekend escape for the adventure freaks and nature lovers.  Nestled in Bandarjudh, Haridwar, at the Himalayan foothills, Aalia Jungle retreat is an oasis of tranquillity in the heart of wilderness.

The retreat is located with the serene embrace of Rajaji National Park, one of the country’s youngest Tiger Reserves.

Having started its operations in July this year, it is the newest property of the Claridges Collection, located within the serene embrace of Rajaji National Park, one of the country’s youngest Tiger Reserves.

The retreat seamlessly blends with the rustic environs, including the indigenous trees and wild lemon grass that cleverly outlines the property.  You are transported to a different world the moment you step-in, and become one with its gorgeous surroundings.

Luxury Glamping in the modern off-beat tents

Sprawled across 5 acres, the retreat provides a quintessential glamping experience.  There are just 11 tents in all, overlooking ruggedly untouched wilderness.

Each tent features a private patio with a jute charpoy (daybed), ideal for immersing yourself in nature and a well-appointed en-suite bathroom. The interiors evoke understated elegance with a modern flair. There is a subtle colonial charm that runs through the tent’s furnishings, custom-made lightings and its campaign furniture, making it a sanctuary on its own. These opulent tents are in themselves an attractive enough proposition for you to plan a trip to this paradise. The lush jungles are an add-on no one wants to miss. 

A well-appointed en-suite bathroom.

The retreat respects your privacy but makes sure you are connected to the camp through an in-house mobile phone at your disposal for smooth coordination while you disconnect from everything else to be one with the wilderness. 

Bespoke experiences 

Aalia Jungle Retreat & Spa is the master curator in offering a variety of experiences focused on adventure and wellness.  Every activity here is tailor-made based on your interest. Whether you are a nature lover or an adventure freak or just looking to rejuvenate yourself, there is something for everyone.

The Guided jungle safaris.

While the bespoke guided jungle safaris to sight the wildlife is the standard ritual at the camp, you must also take a nature walk with their naturalist, Bashir. His knowledge on the local bio diversity will make the experience far more enriching.  To get a local flavour of the place, you can opt for their morning walks to a nearby Bandarjudh village where you can have insightful conversations with the villagers. 

If all this isn’t enough, the retreat organises bespoke luxury picnics by the lakeside to give an immersive nature experience.  

Horse riding and picnics organised by the Camp.

There are also couple of engagements within the resort itself to keep you entertained. The guests can meet the resident horses and even do horse riding at their in-house Amana Stables or explore archery or golfing at the resort. 

A Gastronomic Haven 

When it comes to food, Aalia Jungle retreat by Claridges makes the most memorable gastronomic experiences for its guests. 

The restaurant serves cuisines from around the globe, made from the fresh ingredients hand-picked from the camp’s organic farm.  Just let the chef know your preference and he will cook up a storm for you to ensure you get the best experience.  If knowing about farm-to-table is something that interests you, ask the staff to walk you through the organic farms, and while you do that, don’t forget to carry a basket along to pluck the fresh produce for your meal. 

Therapeutic activities for the mind, body & soul 

After a day of exploration and adventure, taking a refreshing dip in the Aalia’s picturesque pool set amidst the wild greens or heading to the retreat’s tented in-house spa is the best way to rejuvenate yourself. 

Aalia’s picturesque pool set amidst the wild greens.

Spa here offers a range of revitalising therapies inspired by the ancient Ayurveda. You can talk to their skilled therapist and even get your treatment customised as per your requirement. We recommend you try their Yin Yang aromatherapy message in the sandalwood oil for a complete relaxation. 

Alternatively, you can opt for morning yoga or a meditation session set against the tranquil backdrop to align your mind, body and soul.

How to reach

Aalia Jungle Retreat & Spa in Bandarjudh, Haridwar can be reached via a four-hour drive from NH334 Highway from Delhi. The closest railway station, Haridwar  is 34 km away from the property.   For the reservations, you can visit their website –