A princess brings some iconic cars to life, on canvas

Automobiles have always been an indispensable part of royal folklore in India. Taking this tradition a notch higher is Vedita Singh Barwani from the royal family of Barwani in Madhya Pradesh. Daughter of renowned historian and restorer of vintage and classic cars, Maharana Manvendra Singh, Vedita has kept the legacy going as a much-sought after contemporary automotive artist. Her charcoal and water colours bring alive fine automobiles that found their way into India in the fifties, including Cadillacs, Ford Thunderbirds and Bentleys. Connoisseurs of art and automobiles can get their favourite set of wheels right into their living spaces. And if that was not enough, one can request the princess to  transfer auto-inspired art onto wearables and home decor. Here, the talented artist and royalty talks to The Luxe Café about her work, and the inspirations behind them.