Invest in a glowing piece of French art

The atelier of Mathieu Lustrerie is located in a small hamlet in south of France and this is where the empire of the world’s most beautiful chandeliers started from. Today it has expanded to cover the world and has its presence marked as restorer and creator of opulent lighting with representative works for the Hall of Mirrors in Chateau de Versailles and also present at the likes of Cartier and Hermes boutiques. With their legacy of craftsmanship making each artisanal chandelier one of its kind, Mathieu Lustrerie, has also arrived on Indian shores and has been busy adapting French aesthetics to Indian tastes – restoring chandeliers at Indian palaces among other projects. Here is Alex, telling us how chandeliers from the house of Lustrerie define the identity of the residences, palaces and monuments where they reside, and are also customised pieces of investment given that they blend vintage craft with nobel materials and a modern sensibility. Listen on to find out more about this symbol of power and prestige –Mathieu Lustrerie chandeliers – right here on The Luxe Café, before you get on to their one year waiting list.