Luxe Bar Accessories for your home

Your bar may be stocked with the best liquor from across the world but like you and me need to be decked up with the right accessories. Say cheers to The Luxe Cafe’s list of select items for connoisseurs of good life. First on the list is the Lalique 100 Points by James Suckling with Leather Briefcase by Salvatore Ferragamo which will leave your wallet $12,500 lighter. The handcrafted Linley Cocktail Box costs twice as much at around $25,000. Versace by Rosenthal’s Medusa Lumière collection of champagne flutes start at $550. The Teroforma’s Whiskey Stones will keep your drink cool @ Rs 2,500 for 9. Frazer and Haws Ice Bucket from The Royal Cup collection which has an imperial insignia is priced at a princely Rs 94,400. Roberto Cavalli pitcher from the Monogram Platinum Collection will cost you $498 upward. Last but not the least is the Trunks Company Bar Cabinet Trunk which even has a Bose music system and comes for Rs 8,75,000.