World’s finest hand-crafted luxury pens

Pen is mightier than sword but what if the instrument is also a thing of beauty that’s joy forever. You can carry them as a fashion accessory that makes you stand apart, and not just because of your writing skills. The Luxe Cafe talks about a few of them. On the top of the list is $730,000 Mont Blanc Mystery Masterpiece limited edition. Nest is La Modernista Diamonds, which costs $275,000, and is homage by Caran d’Ache to the famous Modernist architect Antonio Gaudi. Then there are those which are cheaper in comparison. For the Omas Phoenix Platinum Fountain Pen luxury limited edition with diamonds, you will have to write a cheque of $60,000. Visconti The Forbidden City H.R.H. Foundation pen will leave your wallet lighter by $50,500, Haia High Luxury Omas Fountain Pen costs $43,000 and the cheapest of the lot is the $24,000 hand-made and customised Grayson Tighe Limited Edition Fountain Pen.